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Video Advertisement knows how effective online video marketing and video advertising can be for the beverage industries and retail sectors across the board. One reason for this is that video can bring brands, products and services to life in a way that text and static images simply cannot. As a result, we see that online video tends to offer high conversion rates as it offers a more compelling experience for users and can often provide the necessary last push that a customer needs to actually make a purchase. So go ahead and give it a try. members are interested in learning more about our partnersís lifestyle brands, products, and services.

PDF Download Media Kit and Ad Specs

Full Video Ad

Mug Positioning: A premium 480 (w) x 360 (h) streaming video ad unit placed in front of content.
Mug Length: 15 seconds recommended, up to :30 seconds accepted.
Mug Click-Thru: The unit will click-thru to the URL you provide us with.
Mug Lead Time: Please provide video assets at least 5 days in advance of campaign start date.

Dimensions & Pricing

Mug 220px Wide x 170px High
Mug Call Today!

Acceptable File Formats

Mug Pre and Post productions services available.

Acceptable File Sizes

Mug Not to exceed 100kb
Mug Not to exceed 0:15s

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