The Pool Mafia
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The Pool Mafia Team Room
Team Name: The Pool Mafia
Team Description: Sat. Sun. Pool...Beer!
Team Category: Sports & Recreation → Ping Pong
Team Manager: Theshit
Team Type: Closed
No. of Members: 1
Team HQ: H-Town
Address: 8787 Woodway
City / State: Houston, TX
Website: http://Not Yet
Manager's NoteJun 9 2009 1:08pm

Do to the remarkable argument outlined by Mr. Bennett, the organization formerly known as the "Pool Mafia" will now assume the name "Hot Tub Mafia" a.k.a. "The HTM".

For reference the outlined argument is below.

Please refer to the "Hot Tub Mafia" page for further correspondents.

I think there are several variations of the moniker "Hot Tub Mafia", as well
as some obvious advantages. While it is true that there is no 'true' hot
tub as is commonly known, the area also known as the 'adult pool' does
resemble the traditional hot tub.

Also, the moniker "Pool Mafia" is open to interpretation - are we talking a
swimming pool, a game of billiards, or a collection of genes (i.e. gene
pool)? And while you are correct that if the group goes on the road, there
might not be an area that we could traditionally use. However, for the
following reasons, the moniker "Hot Tub Mafia" can and should be used.

1. As mentioned earlier, the 'adult pool' does resemble the traditional hot

2. Whereas "Pool Mafia" can be confusing as mentioned above, "Hot Tub Mafia"
most certainly implies a 'mafia' or 'gang' of individuals in a hot tub or
hot tub-like setting.

3. "Hot Tub Mafia" can be shortened to "HTM", which is cool. Also, these
initials would make quite fanciful and pimp-like necklaces should we choose
to go there.

4. The 'hot' in "Hot Tub Mafia" can also be a metaphor for the members
(vis-a-vis Paris Hilton, "That's hot"), hence making any pool or similar
area the 'hot tub' simply by our presence.

Please consider these reasons when selecting our group name on the USBDT
website. After your consideration, I would appreciate a follow-up as to
your decision. I feel I should also remind you that if you do not choose
"Hot Tub Mafia" as the official moniker, I will have to completely
emasculate you in the PS3 Trivia Game. Again.

Wiley Bennett