Drunkification Process Masters
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Drunkification Process Masters Team Room
Team Name: Drunkification Process Masters
Team Description: The best group of friends ever - and some damn fine drinkers as well.
Team Category: Lifestyle Interest → Food & Drink
Team Manager: Drunkified24x7
Team Type: Closed
No. of Members: 1
Team HQ: Cellar Dweller's Studio
City / State: Manasquan, NJ
Manager's NoteFeb 10 2008 10:56pm

Welcome! I think this will be the cheap start to my goal of owning my own pub...where all the members of this team will be able to hang their hats and enjoy lots of laughs and lots of beer. Please feel free to use this little forum as much as you can. Post some photos of our good times together, perhaps write some witty stories...use it as a blog.

Here's to our best friends...who know the worst about us, but refuse to admit it. Cheers!!