The 13th Fold Team Room
Team Name: The 13th Fold
Team Description: Dedicated to the Motorcycle and Beer Enthusiast Military Supporters of Northeast Ohio! Home of the Northeast Ohio Army Honor Guard Team.
Team Category: Military & Armed Forces → Army
Team Manager: Fenderzero
Team Type: Public
No. of Members: 4
Team HQ: My Basement
City / State: Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Website: http://NA
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March 11
by: RedWhiteBlue  7:46am
$90 will get your seat re-done if you're interested
by: RedWhiteBlue  7:45am
I can't wait for 22 May!
by: RedWhiteBlue  7:44am
I'm joining your team...It's me SFC Norton...aka RWB (Red White & Blue)
February 10
by: Fenderzero  11:26am
The Big Ride, 22-25 May, Pay SFC Norton $135 ASAP.
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