Team Name: TEAM IRAQ
Team Description: support our troops and everyone fighting in Iraq
Team Category: Military → Marines
Team Manager: Tmania
Team Captains: Deathdealer
Team Type: Public
No. of Members: 100
City / State: Valley Lee, MD
Manager's NoteNov 19 2007 8:15am

Welcome to TEAM IRAQ. Please join our Team and show your support for the men and women who are sacrificing their lives so that we may enjoy freedom.
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February 24
by: Skibby  3:26pm
Just want to thank everyone for their bravery.
March 16
by: Rfillmer  9:38pm
this is one cool site. thank you. i am a vietnam vet, and i know our troops need all the support they can get!!!!!!!!!!!
August 29
by: UH60Blackhawk  12:17pm
To all my brothers and sisters in arms..... This Bud is for you!
August 13
by: Ianzadrunk  10:21am
Saving a cold one for my brothers and sisters in uniform.
May 22
by: Steve51761  9:33am
May 11
by: Midwestbrews  9:20pm
Be safe.... Do whatever you need to do. We'll buy you a beer when you get back!
March 21
by: Pine169  11:16pm
Thank you for carrying the torch , Because freedom is'tn
February 22
by: Dochensley  2:43am
Just wanted to say hi, I am currently in Iraq myself, with the 101st Airborne, from Ft. Campbell Kentucky.
February 9
by: Rednekplayboy  12:54am
oooorrrraaaahhhh to team iraq ive been there and im proud to join and ill put one down for all the brothers in arms
January 24
by: Cgret  6:06pm
I am a retired U.S. Coast Guard memeber who would like to be apart of the beer drinking team of America. Please send an E-mail and let me know what you think of the U.S. Military. My E-mail address is
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December 5
  Troop Feeback from Iraq
last post by Skibby
2 teammates, 3 posts
on Dec 5 2007 2:02pm
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