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Team Name: Hot Sauce Boys
Team Description: A Team for those who like hot foods and wish to share recipes for delicious hot sauces and chili
Team Category: Lifestyle Interest → Cooking
Team Manager: Skibby
Team Type: Public
No. of Members: 16
Team HQ: The Junction
City / State: Catonsville, MD
Manager's NoteDec 1 2007 3:58pm

Let's see some recipes...Love the hot ones!
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February 24
by: Skibby  3:25pm
Looking to make a hot sauce. Anyone have a good recipes for Jalapenos?
January 25
by: Superkmw  12:10pm
Da Bomb is awesome!
October 28
by: Skibby  5:59pm
Hot foods rock
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October 28
  Looking for Hot Sause Recipes
last post by Skibby
1 teammate, 1 posts
on Oct 28 2007 5:57pm
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