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July 21
by: Cheers  3:52pm
Let's share our beer loving thoughts...in the name of beer! Who's with me. The below link is to a 3 min. survey to help out a brewer. Thanks for your help! http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/332759/You-and-Your-Beer
July 8
by: Gr8LakesBeer  2:58pm
I have a website devoted to the Michigan craft beer industry- it's www.GreatLakesLibations.com - check it out
April 25
by: Wadeperks  3:43am
Anyone from Flint? Let me know... A few of my buddies host a yearly beerfest style tourney... Get in touch and let me know if you're down
May 19
by: Weepee  2:24pm
free beer at great lakes harley in bay city on june 28.
January 31
by: Thadeej  6:22pm
Anyone out Sydney, Australia way? Come chug a beer with me!
January 28
by: Ricktermolen  9:13pm
Anybody going to the winter beer fest at 5/3 Ballpark in GR Feb 23?
January 18
by: Papafox  3:00pm
Beers on me...enjoy the weekend!
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