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March 5
by: Pgator  8:12am
Here are a few great beer destinations in the Tampa area: The Tampa Bay Brewing Company 1600 E 8th Ave Tampa, FL (813) 247-1422 www.tampabaybrewingcompany.com Cigar City Brewing 3924 West Spruce Street Suite A Tampa, FL (813) 348-6363 h
June 19
by: Rebeccadoremus  9:34pm
April 3
by: Seanmcmahon  4:19pm
hot woman cold beer, damn i love life
March 2
by: Djmykel  12:50pm
Hard to believe that out of 90 million beer drinkers there are only 1166 of us in florida jk. I drink from Sarasota to Naples so if anyone is up for some beers let me know.
January 23
by: Eddieodonnell  12:12am
Hello Teammates! Everybody drink on three. Ready? 1-2-3-DRINK!
January 18
by: Bsilinsky  8:52pm
Hello Hello to all the drinkers in florida!!!!! Glad to join the team!
December 29
by: ElManuel  9:54am
Hey Ya'll to my Florida Beer Drinking Teammates!
December 17
by: Skibby  1:15pm
What up Chachi? Glad you could join the Team...!
by: Chachi  12:11pm
Pretty new to this, just throwing out a hello, its funny that theres a place for beer bums to hang out on the internet. see ya and keep em' cold
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