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Team Name: Johnson City TN Beer Drinking Team
Team Description: The Johnson City TN Beer Drinking Team
Team Category: City Team open to the Public
Team Type: Public
No. of Members: 24
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January 16
by: Tickleshaft  2:22am
hey everybody can print off their certificate at the bottom of the page. go to team certificate and print off your ticket. show it proudly!!
by: Tickleshaft  2:11am
lokks like the recruiting week is going good. everyone keep it up. there is alot more beer and alot more people to join. this is awesome!
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January 17
  Corey Delaney, Party liaison
last post by Sethk
1 teammate, 1 posts
on Jan 17 2008 10:59pm
January 15
  team meeting
last post by Tickleshaft
1 teammate, 1 posts
on Jan 15 2008 9:43am
January 14
  Thank God
last post by Braddodum
1 teammate, 1 posts
on Jan 14 2008 9:32pm
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January 17
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