Hands Free Marketing

Are you too busy with your day to day business activities to manage any additional marketing?

Well if you’re interested in having your own personal marketing manager…you got it! With the purchase of our Hands Free Marketing you are assigned a USBDT personal marketing manager.

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Your USBDT personal marketing manager is responsible for the following:

1. Setting up and maintaining the directory listing page.
2. Adding your customers e-mail addresses to your personal database.
3. Manage all of your events on your online USBDT calendar.
4. Adding and managing online coupons.
5. Managing your paid and free online advertising.

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Hands Free Marketing

Mug No tediious timeconsuming effort
on the part of customer.
Mug Entire Database is managed by
the USBDT staff.
Mug Directory listing page managed
by your personal USBDT Market -
ing Manager.